Blue Ocean Strategy author and #1 Management Thinkers in the World

We are proud to announce that Renée Mauborgne will be keynote speaker at the Africa Strategy Execution Conference on the 21st of October 2021 at the Sandton Convention Centre.* 

Renée Mauborgne is #1 Management Thinkers in the World! She is the first woman ever to secure the top spot on the Thinkers50 list of global thought leaders. Renée Mauborgne was also named among the world’s top 5 best business school professors by MBA Rankings. 

Renée is Professor of Strategy at INSEAD and she is the co-author of the 4 million global bestseller Blue Ocean Strategy. The Financial Times called it “one of the bestselling business books of the century” and The Economist called it “the most successful book on business master-planning”. 

Her presence at the 2021 ASEC conference is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge from the tools and learnings she has developed on Strategy Definition, Innovation and Market positioning.

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* Renée is keen to be part of the ASEC 2021 conference – we are currently busy finalising the contract and paper work with her team. 

* Due to Covid 19 restrictions, some speakers from overseas will have to give their presentation remotely.