Grant Bodley

Grant Bodley


Beginning his career in sales at Dimension Data, Grant is driven by his passion to retain Dimension Data’s status as the leading ICT provider in the Middle East and Africa territory. Grant demonstrates a unique understanding of his employees, and has delivered exceptional results in a number of diverse roles. 

Since being appointed as CEO, Grant has generated significant topline growth, as well as inspiring a marked improvement in profitability. Prior to being appointed as CEO, Grant held the position of sales director and was the executive responsible for the outsourcing division. Grant attributes his success to his talent of building diverse working teams, a relentless focus on execution, and his ability to simplify complex environments. 

Grant has a strong moral compass, is focused on family and friends, and has a wicked sense of humour. He also references his role as a mentor to colleagues as the most fulfilling and enjoyable part of his career. Working alongside his board of executives, Grant seeks to create an inclusive and collaborative environment, while ensuring that Dimension Data maintains a high level of professionalism and service excellence. He believes that in order to create and maintain this high standard, it’s essential to lead by example. 


 It’s not where you stand in the line that’s important, it’s the direction you face that matters. 


 What keeps him up at night 

 Delivering exceptional client service to every client every day. 


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