Terms and conditions for Students and Individual tickets

Some important things you need to know


On completion and submission of the registration form, bookings will be considered confirmed and subject to these terms and conditions. 


Booking is binding and therefore by submitting this registration form, you are liable to make payment in the following 5 days of the booking. The organiser reserves the right to refuse admission unless proof of payment is received prior to the event. Payment must be done through Electronic Funds Transfer into the organiser account indicated in the invoice. 

Securing your seat

Due to the fact that tickets are limited, it is possible that we get fully booked before we receive your payment. In this circumstance we will put you in the waiting list and if finally, there is no available seat for you on the 2ndof April, you will be refunded.

Delegates already registered with a Company ticket

For those delegates already registered under a Company ticket but pending payment, they will still have to pay the ticket difference between the Individual & Student ticket and the Company ticket to be able to attend the conference. 

Included in your ticket

– Entry into the conference 

– Access to each presentation and panel (except VIP lunch, Corporate zone and VIP zone).

– An electronic copy of the presentations 

– Food and beverage  


Registered delegates may be substituted at any time prior to the event at no additional charge by someone of the same company. Please notify our offices of the new delegates details in writing. You must receive email confirmation from us in order for the substitution to be valid. 


No cancellation option for these tickets.  

Speakers – Force majeure

In a case of force majeure, the organiser reserves the right to substitute certain speakers and/or adjust the agenda. 

Date and venue – Force majeure

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the organisers reserve the right to change the dates and/or venue. 

Personal information

We will keep your contact details and we will keep you informed and up to date with regards to the latest news and events on strategy – If you don’t find this of interest, please inform us and we will unsubscribe you. Contact details will be shared with our sponsors and partners.

Venue change – Fully booked

The organiser reserves the right to change the venue to a bigger one, communicating this change at least one week prior to the event and will ensure that the new venue is in Gauteng. Change in venue will be communicated via email.

Right of admission reserved

The right to accept registration is reserved by Management*Events. In particular companies and/or delegates that we might consider to have specific interest in the conference as a way to drive their business development towards other delegates and who are not sponsors of the event, may not be accepted. In instances where those companies and/or delegates were initially registered and already have paid their registration fees, they will be refunded. 


No pictures/videos are allowed during the conference.   

Other Individual and Student tickets conditions

  • We will be invoicing the person registering (not a company). The invoice must be paid from the bank account of the person registering and not from a company account.

  • This invoice will not be tax deductible for the delegate’s employer

  • For these tickets, your seat is NOT secured until we received and match your payment with the booking. Please ensure that you send Proof of Payment (to PoP@strategy-execution.co.za) and that you include the correct reference (noted in your invoice) in your electronic payment. These tickets are always subject to the remaining availability.

  • Payment must be done in 5 days after receiving invoice, by electronic transfer.

  • There is no free seating. Delegates purchasing individual tickets must seat on the designated tables on rows at the back.

  • Although these seats are not premium, speakers and presentations are perfectly visible and audible.

  • No printed copy of the presentations will be available. Only electronic copies will be provided to these ticket holders.

  • These tickets will have a separated lunch area from the delegates with Company tickets (the catering will be the same)

  • You may need to arrange a study leave/leave day with your employer. We can provide you with a certificate of registration and/or attendance.